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Cocoa loves nibbling on chocolate and sweets. He likes rainbows and watches Netflix on Sundays. He loves fun colors and bringing love to the world.

Lily has floppy ears and she loves a good lemon to munch on. She is a particularly great at sniffing out elderflower and likes to pick flowers to add to her garden. Her hobbies include gardening and hopping on grass.

Spot is curious and adventurous. He cherishes his collection of tree sticks and loves to play fetch. When he’s not running around, he loves a good snuggle. The unique spot on his eye inspired his name. 

Daisy loves to fly to places and people watch. Her current main obsession is Washington Square Park, but also heads to Soho for the streetwear and side walk pretzels. She’s a little quirky, loves anything purple, and enjoys a nice jar of honey.

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