The Birthday Pack

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Blakesley B.

Great company!

Korea Town, NYC

Age 30-34

April 9, 2020

Cuter cupcake makes cute cupcakes - of course they do! But they are also so friendly and really go above and beyond. I would highly recommend them. Also, these were the best cupcakes I have EVER had!

YES! I'd tell a friend to try this pack.


Lauren H.

For my daughters birthday...

Age 35-39

July 5, 2019

We got these for my daughter’s birthday. I was unsure at first how it was going to turn out, but they were absolutely such a hit!! They were delivered on time, and my daughter and her friends loved them. They also were the perfect individual size. Bonus for the gorgeous name writing on the pink.

YES! I'd tell a friend to try this pack.


Jacob A.

Really cool

Korea Town

Age 24-29

July 1, 2019

I got these for my friend’s birthday and they were so cool. We had a group of 10-15 people who got together and I’m so glad I got these and not a traditional cake. There was no stress slicing a cake to be even. Everyone was happy and got their unique design and cupcake. Such a cool concept. Even cooler to see in person.

YES! I'd tell a friend to try this pack.


Sarah G.

Wonderful surprise!

West Village

June 26, 2019

My friend surprised me with these for my birthday a few weeks ago and I still can’t get over how cute they are. Every time I find a photo from my bday, I get a big smile. These are super cute and the best surprise ever. Now I know what to get my girlfriend’s birthday too ;)

YES! I'd tell a friend to try this pack.

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