Our Story

We believe in the power of Cute Cupcakes — spreading smiles and creating pure joy.

Crazy Dorm Room Dreams

A Cuter Cupcake Company was born out of a crazy, adorable idea that began in a tiny dorm-room on 13th street, while studying at Parsons the New School of Design. Our founder, Anney loves cupcakes, but knew they could be made better, “I’ve always loved the joy a cupcake can bring. It doesn’t matter how old you are, it can make any moment feel more special and memorable. But, cupcakes today, on the outside, all look too similar and on the inside, don't make me feel good about the ingredients that I'm consuming.”



This led to a vision for the world’s cutest cupcakes - baked with the highest quality ingredients. Fast forward a few years and A Cuter Cupcake was born. In order to make this dream a reality, we got really serious about making a cupcake that doesn’t compromise quality, taste, or cuteness. - the first of its kind.

Crafting The Perfect 


A cupcake seems simple. Just mix together some eggs, flour, milk, butter, sugar, and a splash of vanilla and poof delicious cupcakes, right? Well, apparently wrong. It took years of constant testing and trial and error to arrive at our perfectly crafted cupcakes. We wanted to make a cupcake that wasn’t too sweet, with no artificial flavors, no artificial preservatives, and no bad stuff so you can have the best. 


Here's the secret: Precision (Even if it takes longer, they taste better). 

A Brand Driven By You

When we started A Cuter Cupcake, we knew we wanted to put our adorable customers first, always. So we went out on the streets of New York and heard what you had to say about cupcakes. We were delighted that you love sweets as much as we do (cupcake lovers are the best people ❤️ ) We heard what you didn’t like. Cupcakes that are too sweet, deliveries that got messed up in transportation, the time taken out to wait in long lines instead of being at home, and much more. SO, we took out the lines, made hand delivery standard, reduced the sugar, and upped the flavor. We don't want to be a brand that just makes cupcakes. We want to make them for you and with you. 

We are built with our customers. Your input and feedback drive A Cuter Cupcake to be better, and listening to you has made us the adorable brand we are today.

We are built on our values — it's who we are.

Delivering Cuteness 

Every Single Time

So now that you know all about us, we want to get you some cupcakes! Every order is hand delivered on the date and time you select. Each order also comes in our Signature Pink Box that has magnetic closure so your cupcakes stay safe. You can now have high quality, adorable, delicious cupcakes at your fingertips. And, you can enjoy them at the comfort of your home, with coworkers at the office, or when spreading the love with some adorable friends/family. 


Delivering cuteness is at the heart of everything we do. It's what makes us who we are and allows us to spread joy through cupcakes. Thank you for making our crazy dorm room dream a crazy real-world vision.


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